Park Your Tiny

Space #3 (30amp service) is available May 1st! 

Photos coming soon!

Do you own a tiny house or are you buying one soon? We know how hard it is to find a place where you can legally park a tiny house. If you do park it somewhere, chances are it won’t be part of a tiny house community in the mountains with an on-site restaurant! Contact us for availability as we are often full, but we can review your Tiny specs/photos when you leave us a detailed message.

Parking your tiny house is $875 – $975 per month depending on the space and includes water, sewage, and trash. Electricity is charged separately at the SDGE rate. All owners here handle gas/refilling tanks themselves.

Please leave your phone number in an email to us (address below) and answer questions we have regarding Parking Your Tiny on Mt. Laguna! IMPORTANT, must include:

    • Phone number
    • Dimensions of your Tiny (32′ maximum length & 8.5′ maximum width).
    • Appliances, how many gas how many electric? Any 220V appliances?
    • Your timeline to move the Tiny up here.
    • Photos! Especially showing the side where electric/water hookups are located

Looking forward to chatting soon about our availability and excited to see your Tiny! Email: (again, please leave phone number).