Parking Your Tiny

Park Your Tiny on the Block!

Already own a tiny house? We know (trust us) how hard it is to find a place where you can legally park a tiny house. And if you do park it somewhere, chances are it won’t be part of a tiny house community in the mountains with an on-site restaurant! Contact us for availability as we are often full, but we can review your Tiny specs/photos when you leave us a detailed message:

We currently have a space open! Get it quick and follow directions below.

Parking your tiny house is $825 – $875 per month depending on the space and includes water, sewage, and trash. Electricity is charged separately and average $75 per month depending on your Tiny’s appliances, your balance of gas and electric. All owners here handle gas/refilling tanks themselves.

Please leave your phone number in an email (address below) for other questions regarding Parking Your Tiny on Mt. Laguna! IMPORTANT to include:

    • Phone number required
    • Dimensions of your Tiny. We have a 32′ maximum length
    • Appliances, how many gas how many electric? Any 220V appliances?
    • Your timeline to move Tiny up here.
    • Def need that phone number =)
    • Photos are nice too!

We only discuss options with applicants who have Tinies in their possession. There are many owners ready to move and because spots are so scarce, Mt. Laguna especially. We do not hold/reserve spaces for people without Tinies.

We want to fill our Village with Tiny owners who live the Tiny life, rather than putting a house here to rent it out. Looking forward to chat soon about our availability and excited to see your Tiny! Email: (phone number required).



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