Frequently Asked Questions


As Southern California’s first tiny house village, we get a lot of questions! That’s great! We appreciate your curiosity! Here are some questions we get most often that can help steer you in the right direction.


Are you in San Diego?

We are 1 hour directly east of San Diego on Interstate 8. We are in SD County, we always say “1 hour east and 6000 feet above San Diego!”. The location is prime to have a direct route to and from the city life and beaches. The drive is beautiful and if you take the even MORE scenic route (northside thru CA-67 and 78, Julian and Ramona) it is an epic display of the region’s coastal mountain range.


How do I book a Tiny house for a one-night stay or more?

Click the “Book Your Stay!” button at the top of any of our web pages. You can click and share this link too: tiny.cc/THBgetaway … For stays longer than 1 night or weekend, you can get a weekly discount if you book 7 days or more. Anything over 1 month and it will be cheaper for you to sign a 6 month lease in one of our bigger Tinies (see leasing question below).


I’d like to live the Tiny life but I’m not ready to buy, how do I lease a Tiny house?

Leasing a Tiny starts with 6-month terms. First step is to check our Leasing Page for current availability. Then send us your application, we will schedule a tour and go from there! The leasing process is no different than anywhere you have rented before, all the difference rides in the unique house you are renting!


How often does a space open up to park my Tiny house?

It is hard to pin down an exact schedule of openings. For the most up to date info and availability be sure to visit our Park Your Tiny and email us your details! Every lease for Tiny space starts at 6 months, after that is goes month-to-month and people tend to stay for a long time. If we don’t have a space at the time you inquire, stay in touch to remain on our radar when one does!


When is the Pine House Cafe open?

For the most up to date hours check their website or call the number on Google Maps listing. Generally it is Thurs-Fri 11-5 and Sat-Sun 9-6 however seasonal changes occur due to weather and other factors.


Are you off grid? How do you get power?

We are tied to San Diego Gas & Electric. If you are a long-term renter with us, you will be billed separately for your power usage.


Do you build these houses yourself?

We have had some built for us and have bought others outright. We also have a Tiny Home resource that we are working with, you can find more about them here: Tiny Home Builders


What zoning or permits do you need to make a tiny house village? I know a lot of people have tried to do this.

We are zoned as an RV Park, and our tiny houses on wheels (THOW’s) fall under the same jurisdiction. To park a Tiny on your own land, you need to check with city and county regulations as they all differ. City regulation tends to supersede county (the case in San Diego).


What resources can you provide about legalizing tiny houses and where else to park them besides at Tiny House Block?

For big advocacy news, we recommend https://tinyhouseexpedition.com/living-tiny-legally/ or https://tinyhomeindustryassociation.org/

For build help and resources: Tiny Home Builders 

For news local to San Diego, we recommend http://tinynow.org