Frequently Asked Questions


As Southern California’s first tiny house village, we get a lot of questions! That’s great! We appreciate your curiosity!

While we love connecting with you 1 on 1, we have found this handy FAQ section saves you and us considerable time. Please read through these questions first to see if your questions are answered here.

If there is something we have not answered, please contact us.


How do I book a tiny house for a one-night stay or more?

To book a tiny house, you can “Search by Date” on our home page (coming soon). To book by tiny house, you can go to the tab “Rent our Tiny Houses.”


Are all your houses available for short-term and long-term?

Yes. The only time a house will not be available for short-term is because it’s currently being rented for long-term.


I’m interested in long-term renting. How do I schedule a showing?

After you have gone through the “Rent our Tiny Houses” page and determined which house(s) you would like to see, please book through this calendar link (coming soon), indicating which houses you are interested in seeing.


How do you get water into the houses? How does the septic system work?

Each space has water spigot and septic hookup. Septic is where there is underground waste storage tanks where the waste settles and the liquid is dispersed through leech fields.


Are you off grid? How do you get power?

We are tied to San Diego Gas & Electric. If you are a long-term renter with us, you will be billed separately for our power usage.


Do you build these houses yourself?

We have a contractor who builds them for us, and some we buy outright.


How much do these houses cost to build? What do you pay for these houses? How long does it take to build?

Just for materials, our cost for building a tiny house is around $15,000. We pay between $25,000 and $35,000 for the houses. Our contractor takes about 6 weeks to build one.


What zoning or permits do you need to make a tiny house village? I know a lot of people have tried to do this.

We are zoned as an RV Park, and our tiny houses on wheels (THOW’s) fall under the same jurisdiction.


What do you do for insulation?

We use R13 and R30 fiberglass batts.


What resources can you provide about legalizing tiny houses and where else to park them besides at Tiny House Block?

For big advocacy news, we recommend https://tinyhouseexpedition.com/living-tiny-legally/ or https://tinyhomeindustryassociation.org/

For news local to San Diego, we recommend http://tinynow.org