About Mount Laguna

Top 5 Things to do in Mount Laguna

Located on the eastern edge of San Diego, Mount Laguna’s peaks range from 4000 to 6400 feet. We are surrounded by the Cleveland National Forest, providing an excellent number of outdoor opportunities.  

Here are 5 great activities:


Stop at a viewpoint – Drive along Sunrise Highway and stop at several viewpoints to enjoy breathtaking scenery and take photos! The best view is often considered to be Kwaaymaii Point. Foster Point provides great views of the mountains as well.

Go hiking – The Laguna Mountains contain many wonderful trails. Most famous is the Pacific Crest Trail (from the book and movie Wild), although the Sunset Trail and Desert View Trail are also excellent choices. You can walk next door (directly south) to the Burnt Rancheria Campground and walk numerous trails. We recommend downloading the All Trails app for more options. Please take proper precautions!

Climb a Mountain – At 6000 feet, Mount Laguna is our region’s namesake peak. Another great choice is Garnet Peak.

Play in the Snow – Mount Laguna holds the rare distinction of being a San Diego region that receives snow. Enjoy snowball fights, sledding, photo-taking, and more!

Mountain Biking, Off-Roading, or Stargazing – Noble Canyon is a popular mountain biking area. Thing Valley Road presents great off-road opportunities. As the Laguna Mountains are located on the edge of San Diego County, and adjacent to the Anza-Borrego Desert, there is less light polution for stargazing and night hiking.