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Weekends or longer getaways: you can book your nightly getaway instantly and check availability by clicking here: Book NOW!

Leasing: Tiny availability for 6 months or more can be found here:

Tiny owners: Please leave your phone number in an email (address below) for other questions regarding Parking Your Tiny on Mt. Laguna! IMPORTANT to include:

    • Phone number required
    • Dimensions of your Tiny. We have a 32′ maximum length
    • Appliances, how many gas how many electric? Any 220V appliances?
    • Your timeline to move Tiny up here.
    • Photos are nice too!

‘Park Your Tiny’ spots are scarce and do get taken rather quickly when they become available. If we have a space available and you would like to sign a lease and begin paying rent prior to your home being ready that is a possibility!

Looking forward to chat soon about our availability and excited to see your Tiny! Please Email: (phone number required).

You can call 619-320-8099 for other questions, please leave detailed message about your interest in moving up to Mt. Laguna!  If you prefer email, send a detailed message to (for any Leasing inquiries check the page above first!).

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