About Tiny House Block

Tiny House Block


Who we are

Tiny House Block was founded by sister-brother duo Melissa and Jon Block. Melissa has 10+ years experience owning and operating multi-unit properties at affordable rates. Since 2008, Jon has created indelible memories and community through producing 60+ music festivals and transformational seminars.

Together they came up with Tiny House Block to provide nature lovers with a high-quality memorable stay, while addressing the challenges of connecting authentically in the 21st century.  

Tiny House Block is dedicated to connecting individuals to beautiful mountains and hiking, minimalist values, and genuine community. We believe that in our modern age, to experience real health and happiness, we must unplug from our electronic devices and get in touch with what truly matters. By either offering a warm one-day respite from hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, or a permanent place to call home, or a second home, the community at Tiny House Block has got your back. Discover for yourself what’s possible!


Rent a Tiny House!

We offer short-term rentals (1 night minimum) and long-term rentals (leases start at 6-month terms), our guests love the hiking and nature, the freedom from the constraints of urban life, the choice of the minimalist lifestyle, and the bonding of meaningful community.

On the property itself, enjoy our 3.5 acres of nature and walking proximity to numerous hiking / walking trails. The wonderful on-site restaurant Pine House Cafe and Tavern is literally your neighbor, featuring a wide array of items including burgers, fries, salads, beer, wine, and cocktails.




Tiny House Block – Mount Laguna is located at 9849 Sunrise Highway, Mount Laguna, CA 91948. We are at the first property as you enter Mount Laguna, with the town’s only on-site restaurant “Pine House Cafe & Tavern.”