About Tiny House Block

Tiny House Block is dedicated to connecting individuals to beautiful mountains and hiking, minimalist values, and genuine community. We believe that in our modern age, to experience real health and happiness, we must unplug from our electronic devices and get in touch with what truly matters. By either offering a warm one-day respite from hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, or a permanent place to call home, the community at Tiny House Block has your back. Discover for yourself what’s possible!


Tiny House Block was founded by sister-brother duo Melissa and Jon Block. Melissa has 10+ years experience owning and operating multi-unit properties at affordable rates. Since 2008, Jon has created indelible memories and community through producing 60+ music festivals and transformational seminars.

Together they came up with Tiny House Block to provide nature lovers with a high-quality memorable stay, while addressing the challenges of connecting authentically in the 21st century.  


Property Managers

Ryan & Natalie are our property managers who call Tiny House Block home. Ryan has a background in construction and built his own tiny home alongside his partner, Julie. Ryan first became interested in living tiny by seeing people traveling in vans and short buses. He purchased his own van in his mid 20’s and traveled across the west coast, spending a majority of his time in Colorado and Oregon. He learned that living with less gives you more time to spend doing what you want each day, it also helps reduce stress and ultimately gives you more freedom from the corporate world.

Natalie has had a huge interest in tiny homes after watching the documentary Minimalism which came out on Netflix in 2015. She has always been an avid hiker and it was her dream to live peacefully here in the Cleveland National Forest. Residing on Mount Laguna in a tiny home has made her feel inspired and more like herself than ever. What she loves most about managing the property is cultivating community and figuring out creative solutions to problems. She feels this position has been an imperative part of her personal development and looks forward to continued growth with Tiny House Block.


Vacation Rentals

We offer short-term rentals (1 night minimum) here at our community for people who want to try out tiny house living. Our guests love the hiking and nature, the freedom from the constraints of urban life, the choice of the minimalist lifestyle, and the bonding of meaningful community.

On the property itself, enjoy our 3.84 acres of nature and walking proximity to numerous hiking trails. The wonderful on-site restaurant Pine House Cafe and Tavern offers French American cuisine, featuring a wide variety of items including burgers, fries, salads, steak, beer and wine.



Lease Our Tinies

Leasing a tiny home offers the unique opportunity experience tiny living with a lower barrier to entry than becoming a homeowner. While it may seem similar to the traditional route of renting an apartment, tiny houses offer a greater sense of ownership and autonomy for the tenant. Escaping the disruptive nature of shared walls, lack of private yard space, and parking lots makes a big difference in the quality of day to day life. We offer 6 and 12 month lease terms, that go month-to-month thereafter for flexibility.  Everyone needs a place to call home, why not make it tiny!


Park Your Tiny

Parking a tiny home in San Diego County proves challenging due to stringent local zoning laws. These regulations often restrict where and how tiny homes can be parked, primarily due to concerns over land use, safety, and infrastructure compatibility. Many areas require specific zoning for permanent dwelling units or RVs, neither of which always accommodate tiny homes. This is where we come in, as we have the correct zoning and permit to park and reside your tiny home year round. We offer 6 and 12 month lease terms, that go month-to-month thereafter for flexibility. This is the perfect opportunity for you to live safely in your home surrounded by like-minded individuals.


Tiny House Block – Mount Laguna is located at 9849 Sunrise Highway, Mount Laguna, CA 91948. We are at the first property as you enter Mount Laguna, with the town’s only on-site restaurant “Pine House Cafe & Tavern.”