Posted on Jul 31, 2019





The Story

Tiny House Block is proud to bring individuals from all countries together, swapping stories by the bonfire, sharing meals, and visiting inside each others’ tiny homes. Wanderlust captures this spirit of travel, adventure, and unexpected connection. It’s a salute to the brave souls who periodically ditch their comfort zones so they can gain a wider perspective of the world and a deeper view into themselves. Staying at this house, you’ll feel more adventurous and you’ll inevitably think about your next major leap!


The Tiny House

Wanderlust has a large double-loft, perfect for 2 single people, a family of 4, or 2 couples. The separate staircase for each loft creates more privacy. There is a living room area with comfortable and spacious seating. There is a kitchen area with full refrigerator, sink, hot plate, and toaster oven. The bathroom has a larger shower, sink, toilet, and sliding barn door.


Short-Term Rentals from 1 day to 1 month, please book here – www.airbnb.com/rooms/36359656


For Extended Stays of 1 month or longer (best value), please click here for our price guide. You can also contact us at tinyhouseblocklaguna@gmail.com, subject: “Rent Long Term”

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