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Renting at Tiny House Block:
Short-Term and Long-Term


Short-Term Rentals

Curious what it’s like to stay inside a tiny house? Maybe you’re celebrating a birthday or an anniversary? Or maybe you want to have a getaway with your romantic partner, or glamp out with friends, or enjoy precious solo time to relax, reflect, and rock your next creative project?

For these reasons and more, we make it as easy as possible for you to join us – whether it’s a one-night escape from the city or if you’re hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Choose which house you’d like to stay, find a night(s) that work for you, and book now! Find all of our available units on AirBNB while we work on our very own reservation system! Here are direct links:

Flower Fun #8 

Star Gazer #21

Luv Haus #1

Pink in Pines #3


Long-Term Rentals

Say yes to the the simple, peaceful lifestyle of tiny house living by becoming a full-time tenant! Wake up everyday to fresh air and the relaxation that comes from living away from the city. Enjoy our park amenities and neighbors you can call your true friends, while being part of this growing community of nature enthusiasts and conscious lifestyle creators.

Our long-term rentals start with 3-month lease terms. Water, septic, and trash are always included. There is Wi-Fi, assigned parking. All houses at Tiny House Block are available for long-term rent. Please see which one interests you, then contact us to schedule your showing!

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Single Mom Moves into TINY HOUSE VILLAGE w/ Daughter


Our Tiny Houses


Blue Sky

Crystal Zen



Flower Fun

Garden Delights

Sedona Spirit




Wild West

More exciting ways to collaborate with Tiny House Block.


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Park Your Tiny House at Tiny House Block!

Already own a tiny house? We know (trust us) how hard it is to find a place where you can legally park a tiny house. And if you do park it somewhere, chances are it won’t be part of a tiny house community in the mountains with an on-site restaurant.

Contact us for availability as we are often full and maintain a waitlist, to select our next Tiny villager!

Parking your tiny house is just $800 per month and includes water, sewage, and trash. Utilities are charged separately and average $75 per month depending on your Tinies appliances, the balance of gas and electric.