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Long-Term Rentals

Say yes to the the simple, peaceful lifestyle of tiny house living by becoming a full-time tenant! Wake up everyday to fresh air and the relaxation that comes from living away from the city. Enjoy our park amenities and neighbors you can call your true friends, while being part of this growing community of nature enthusiasts and conscious lifestyle creators.

Our long-term rentals start with 3-month lease terms. Anything less than 3 months is considered short term and we will treat as a vacation rental! Rent price includes water, septic, and trash. Electricity and gas runs $50-$75 in the summer and winters can be in excess of $150 due to heating, (remember it snows here!) There is free Wi-Fi, suitable for most neighbors’ needs and each spot has parking too.

After you decide which Tiny interests you, then click here to download and fill out the PDF application or see button below photos.


Tiny #19 Available now! $1325 per month: This Tiny is suitable for a single occupant and has it’s own rooftop deck! The big shower and washing machine hookups (120v only) also set this apart from other Tinies. Has a gas stove/oven for a full fledged kitchen operation.

Tiny #13 : Rented!

Tiny #6 : Rented!


Thank You! As more of our Tinies become available they will be listed here. We will not know the availability until 30 days before your proposed move-in date and they also go fast! So give us a call 619-320-8099 a few weeks before you are ready to move and lock one in!


Download and fill out the application below:


Single Mom Moves into TINY HOUSE VILLAGE w/ Daughter


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Park Your Tiny House at Tiny House Block!

Already own a tiny house? We know (trust us) how hard it is to find a place where you can legally park a tiny house. And if you do park it somewhere, chances are it won’t be part of a tiny house community in the mountains with an on-site restaurant.

Contact us for availability as we are full but can discuss getting you on a waitlist!

Parking your tiny house is $750-850 per month and includes water, sewage, and trash. Utilities are charged separately and average $50-75 per month depending on your Tinies appliances, the balance of gas and electric. Also summer is much cheaper than winter!