Parking & More

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Park Your Tiny House at Tiny House Block!

Already own a tiny house? We know (trust us) how hard it is to find a place where you can legally park a tiny house. And if you do park it somewhere, chances are it won’t be part of a tiny house community in the mountains with an on-site restaurant.

Parking your tiny house is just $750 per month and includes water, sewage, and trash. Utilities are charged separately and average $50 per month.


Have Us Build a Tiny House for You!

Imagine having your very own tiny house built to your specifications. It can be your primary residence or a vacation home. Or an income property for others on their vacation. Or a combination of all 3! Tiny Houses built for you start at just $30,000.


Rent Short Term or Long Term

Curious what it’s like to stay inside a tiny house? You can find out by renting short term, i.e. for a few days, or for longer stays of a month or more! All houses are available for short term or long term rent.  Click here to find out more!


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