Posted on Apr 27, 2019






The Story

We believe it’s important to always remember that humans share Planet Earth with our animal friends. These wonderful creatures bring so much joy to us and sometimes much-needed humility. Woodlands is a tribute to this, where inside you’ll see a large array of animal-themed decorations. You will smile, laugh, and gain a deeper appreciation for our place within the animal kingdom.


The Tiny House

This beautiful modern tiny house has a king-size loft with over 3.5 feet clearance. There is a living room with electric fireplace and a cozy love seat. The kitchen has new stainless steel appliances, gas-based stove with refrigerator and microwave. The large bathroom has a full-size shower and washer/dryer combination. There is a remote-controlled air-conditioning and heating unit built into the wall. Outside your home, enjoy your own private fire pit area.


For Short-Term Rentals from 1 day to 1 month, please book here – www.airbnb.com/rooms/34151059


For Long-Term Rentals for 1 month or longer, please contact us for current rates and availability. Long-term rental homes at Tiny House Block start at $1,275.00 per month.