Posted on Mar 30, 2019





The Story

A core value at Tiny House Block is “live naturally”, so it’s only natural (pardon the pun) that we pay homage to farm living. Whether it’s cage-free eggs or GMO-free vegetables, we believe that raising consciousness includes knowing and respecting where your food comes from, as well as being intentional with what you choose to put inside your body. The purpose of Farmhouse is also to connect you with a simpler way of life, far away from TV, laptops, and social media, and to remind you that simpler is often happier!


The Tiny House

Inside this uniquely-decorated home, you’ll find a full kitchen with refrigerator, freezer, hot plate for cooking, and sink. In the living room, you will find games and books. The bathroom has a shower and toilet with private door. Our staircase leads up to a spacious upstairs bedroom loft. Outside your home, enjoy your own private picnic area with fire pit.


For Short-Term Rentals from 1 day to 1 month, please book here –


For Long-Term Rentals for 1 month or longer, please contact us for current rates and availability. Long-term rental homes at Tiny House Block start at $1,200.00 per month.


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