Blue Sky

Posted on Sep 7, 2019

Blue Sky

Blue Sky



The Story

A phrase that well-captures how we want our guests and residents to feel at Tiny House Block is to be “free as a bird.” Free to soar in any direction you desire, free to re-invent yourself, free to take risks no matter how unprecedented. To honor that spirit, Melissa and Jon came up with the “Blue Sky” themed-house, where inside you will enjoy all the flying-high decorations. This house has been a particular favorite for authors and songwriters to enjoy creative retreats. We believe you’ll see exactly why.


The Tiny House

Blue Sky has a king-size master loft and a second loft right above the kitchen. The kitchen itself is made of stainless steels counters, apartment-sized fridge, oven, and lots of cabinets with additional hanging storage. Living room has a love seat and bathroom has a full-size shower. Large closet area has a washer-dryer combo.


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For Long-Term Rentals for 1 month or longer, please contact us for current rates and availability. Long-term rental homes at Tiny House Block start at $1,225.00 per month.